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Jody Michaelson


Nick Reddel

Room Parent Coordinators:

Resa Tufts

Room Parent Coordinators:

Christine Steele

Outdoor Committee:

Sarah Hodges

Fundraising Committee:

Lucas Thurston

Fundraising Committee:

Ana Helena De Castro

Spirit Committee:

Kerri Starns

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About the Board:

Leah Maurer

Leah Maurer has been part of The Ivy School since 2013 and has been part of the Ivy PTA leadership since 2014, serving as president since 2015.  Leah is the mother to 3 boys and believes whole heartedly that school and parent partnerships are essential for helping students reach their full potential, and loves being able to work with the school community at Ivy.

Nick Reddel

Nick has had kids at Ivy since 2013 and now has one at each campus. Until this year, he was a not-very-participatory parent, but that's all changed and he's suprised by how enjoyable helping with the PTA and other school activities is.