Next meeting agenda

PTA Meeting Agenda 10.04.2017 / Morris Campus

  • Council Meeting 6-6:30
  • PTA General Meeting 6:30-7:30


Council Meeting: In order to save dollars from budget Nick will coordinate a parent volunteer lunch in lieu of buying lunch each month, with lunches to be purchased as usual every other month. .  

The savings will be used to support and expand the school's ‘snack’ or breakfast program.  

General Business

  • PTA needs a VP: Still needed.  
  • PTA membership: Online form now available on PTA site.

           Any money that comes can go into school lock box at either campus.   Outside

           The office at Prescott, unknown at this time at Morris.  

  • Clothing pool: We have access to the PPS clothing closet It is a once a month access.

Ivy is signed up to volunteer Nov. 30th and March 1st 9 AM to 2PM; 5 volunteers


  • Feedback from first year meet and greet:

           18 to 20 parents, need more scones!  Currently at Motivasi.

Need a gathering space at Prescott; Gazebo, umbrella, greenhouse.  

Parents would like to attend PTA meetings but can not attend at night.  

           Coffee in the greenhouse 13 people attended.

           PTA recaps the next day at both campuses.  

           Need calendar for iphone.

           Receipts will be saved from coffee and

  • 2017-18 budget

           Last year made $11,000 spent $12,000.  

           Need to make more money!  

           Spent $2000 last year to provide AM snacks.  Proposal to provide more snacks.

           Currently lunch is purchased each month, we will go to every other month        

           purchased and Nick will coordinate parent volunteers to bring lunches on the  

           other months.  Nick will do a Signup Genius for the volunteer prepared lunches.

  • Leadership:

Silver Falls overnight trip at Morris was a success.

3 public Montessori's will be coming together for the fall teacher inservice day in


Drainage issues at Prescott: one leak resolved but another one appeared.

Leadership at Morris will be evolving, messaging to come.

  • Committee updates

           -Outdoor committee

             Clean up day weekend of Halloween.

             No projects in place yet.  Possible basic clean up projects.  Projects possible for

             Friday and Saturday.  

             Currently need parents to plant Kale and Garlic.  

             Leadership would like to see the juniper come out at Prescott front parking strip.

             Outdoor committee needs assist with donations, and ‘asks’

             Playground equipment

           -Spirit committee (Karri not in attendance)

            Need a graphic designer to make posters.

            Spirit days will be published soon.

            Monster bowl (Oct. 28th from 11 to 1)

             Better advertising.  For events.

-Fundraising report

             Chinook book launch

  Admin note - where/how parents should drop off money and checks (e.g. for      .            Chinook book (there are lock boxes at each campus where money can be


  -PTA Memberships can be purchased through the PTA site at the Ivy School

          -Room parent coordinators


  • Ana Helena Decastro items (one passed along)


1. Enrichment Classes: Anthony Cast has been researching science classes for an after school class to be offered during the Enrichment Program. He is going to be present and can give us all the details. He would like to ask the PTA for help with partial payment of the classes.

Aftercare: STEM programs Saturday Academy (Saturday and after school).  Subject experts will come to school to provide paid classes.  This was done at Ivy in the past (most popular was the younger kids)

AKA Science:  Will provide the materials but it is self directed.  

Proposed that PTA would fund half of the program assuming a full cohort of children. 

2. I'd like to have Montessori classes for parents at Ivy. Every school we've attended has had classes in the evenings which teach the pedagogy of the school to the parents. Other than the amazing Math night hosted at Morris a couple of years ago, I haven't seen anything that invites parents to learn more about the Montessori method at Ivy. Is this something we could do with our Montessori advisor? Would PTA pay for it? (Tabled until next time.)

3. Monday morning coffee: can I get approval to spend $8 a week on coffee and creamer? I'm also soliciting donations via friends in the business so may not need it. 13 people attended the first Monday Morning Coffee in the Garden at Morris yesterday.

Next Meeting: November 2nd 2017 Prescott Campus

Agenda items moved to next meeting:

Clothing closet volunteers needed in Nov.  

After school STEM programs