Room Parents and Parent Mentors

Room parents are the contact between teachers, parents and the PTA. Ideally there are two room parents in each class. We are currently looking for room parents for the Sellwood (Ms Sara) and Middle School (Mr Travis) classrooms.

The room parent position is a wonderful way to be involved in your child’s classroom while supporting the classroom teachers and strengthening our Ivy community. Here are some things that our amazing room parents do:

  • Check in with teachers on a regular basis to find out what needs they may have and how to best support them.
  • Help find volunteers for school celebrations, etc.
  • Schedule & coordinate (or delegate!) class social events such as potlucks, park dates, Parents’ Night Outs, etc.
  • Act as a liaison between the class and the PTA Room Parent Coordinators.
  • Stay connected to the families in the class and reach out to new parents who join mid-year.

The amount of time you put into being a room parent is up to you: it can be a few hours here and there or more if you are organizing a classroom potluck. Working with the teacher to identify his or her needs will also give you an idea.

Please contact Resa Gutierrez-Tufts ( or Christine Steele ( to sign up or find out more.