Snack fund

Donate to the snack fund

Dear Ivy Parents,


We are implementing a new program to organize healthy snacks in the classrooms, since hungry children are not great learners. We are asking for parents to either contribute snacks for their kids’ entire classroom every month, or to give funds to purchase snacks for the entire classroom.  With your help in this we can ensure that the class snack cupboards remain full and our kids can stay focused.


As the program is new, there may be adjustments in the future, but here's an outline of the working plan:


1. You will receive an email about once a month letting you know that supplies are getting low in the classrooms and we either need snacks brought in or funds donated (your choice). We’re asking that snacks and contributions ($20-$30) be made within two weeks of you receiving the email.  


2. Snacks can be delivered to your child's classroom. We do ask that snacks be healthy (no candy and keep sugar low) and do not contain peanuts.  Gluten and dairy free options are also appreciated. We prefer no refrigerated snacks except for cheese sticks or blocks of cheese.


Here are some ideas:  


Mandarin oranges, apples, or any fruit that stores well

Lara bars

Kale chips


Granola Bars (as low sugar as you can get)

Cheese and Crackers


Roasted garbanzo beans


Dried cranberries

Pumpkin seeds

Packs of seaweed

No shell Sunflower seeds

Dried fruit... apricot, apple slice, bananas, etc

Turkey jerky

Rice cakes

Tortilla Chips

Apple or banana chips (no sugar added)

Veggie straws



3. If giving funds, they can be donated by using a link on the Ivy PTA webpage: Choose “PTA Snack Fund” as the fundraiser.


Thank you for your help and participation,


Linda Anzalone and Erin Burke of the Ivy PTA snack committee.